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Hound Dog Handmade Bronze Sculpture

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The dog is human’s faithful friend no matter in weal or woe, they understand us well. Dogs are so loyal to human that they are basically the symbol of loyalty.

This bronze hound bends its hind legs and leans on the ground, eyes fixing in the distance, looks cautious and high-spirited.

From the initial idea to the reality, this bronze horse sculpture experienced more than 60 processes design: sculpture, molding, casting, roasting, grinding, coloring, all of these processes are fully handmade by the professional craftsmen, extremely delicate and imaginative. The hound body is dealt with high-temperature coloring technology, which gives the sculpture complex and random patterns. The surface applied the advance Patina layer technology, making the surface smooth and glazy.

Because it is pure hand-made, there may be subtle differences; but in the meantime, it means that each is a unique art ornament.

A delicate sculpture for your home, office, living room, or a great choice as a gift for friends.


  • Handsome hound, high-spirited.
  • More than 60 processes, fully handmade.
  • The high-temperature coloring technique, each one is unique.
  • Advanced Patina layer technology, attractive metallic finish.
  • Great choice for interior decoration, personal collection or a gift for friends.


Material: Copper
Color: Bronze, Gold
Product size: 21 * 6 * 12cm / 8.3 * 2.4 * 4.7in (L *W * H)
Package size: 25 * 10 * 17cm / 9.8 * 3.9 * 6.7in (L * W *H)
Product weight: 968g / 34.14oz
Package weight: 1300g / 45.86oz

Package list:

1* Bronze Sculpture


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Hound Dog Handmade Bronze Sculpture
Hound Dog Handmade Bronze Sculpture
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